Ragdoll 2023.10.03

New release of Ragdoll is out! :partying_face:

This one is a little special; the amount of features started adding up and making one big giant release became a challenge on its own. So we’re releasing them in parts - this is part 1, Ragdoll for Maya.

Ragdoll 2023.10.03

The next parts will be Blender, Web, Standalone and a software development toolkit for you game developers out there. See the documentation above for slightly more detail.

Enjoy, and if you find any issues, feel free to post here or make a new thread about it. We have a strict no-bugs policy at Ragdoll corp, you see.


DAAAAAAAAAMn!!! What a beauty!!!

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Ragdoll 2023.10.05

New release with some minor fixes.

  • Animated (gray) color incorrect on start frame
  • Masked markers in Live Mode survived outside of Live Mode
  • Maya custom DPI now correctly scales the Ragdoll UIs
  • Scene Scale Gizmo now takes solver offset into account
  • Contact visualisation were broken at scene scales other than 1.0
  • Fix warning on plug-in load about cmdx_locomotion.py
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Ragdoll 2023.10.06

New release with some minor fixes.

  • Multi-select and Assign created floating Markers (Translate Stiffness enabled by mistake)
  • Pivot for root marker is now taken into account
  • Pivot for translate stiffness now drawn correctly
  • Pivot for scaled Markers now taken into account

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Hi marcus
In 10.05 as well as 10.06 maya craahes immediately upon trying to control click drag a marker in live mode. Maya 2020
Also i must be missing something. How can i use live mode to record multiple limbs moving simultaneously, like two arms doing two different things? Ty

Hey @hockeypuck, I’m having trouble reproducing this crash. Would it be possible to send me a scene where it crashes? Does it happen on any of the default assets, such as the Manikin? Is this on Windows, Linux or Mac?

Recording in Live Mode is currently limited to just a single drag. It’ll cache the entire simulation which can’t be modified. This is one of the things being addressed next however!

Yes concerning the crash it happens on the rd provided examples, on the shark, the manikin,and on the tentacled one . Windows 10 . This crash is during live mode when I attempt to move a masked marker by click dragging it as described in the documentation where the provided tentacled guys tentacles are held in place and wrapped up around him as though tangled. When i mask a marker its also strange because selecting it with control click doesnt always work. Sometimes it will work right away, sometimes ill have to retry and xntrl click it again and sometimes the marker just wont turn grey indicative that it is masked but then a cpl seconds later it will suddenly turn grey after the fact and work. I dont see any of these irresponsiv issues when i watch the rd tutorials however. And by the way marcus ty for always responding so fast youre great , i dont know how you find the time, you must have several twin brothers or clones :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for confirming, I’m still unable to reproduce. :frowning:

I’ve tried reproducing the steps here, is this what you do, except with an added crash?

Yes i do exactly that
And mine is nowhere near that quick and responsive btw. I wouldnt be able to send the scene file after its crashed but its just a new scene, open rd menu, choose manikin, cntrol click drag to try to move a masked hand, then maya hangs for about 4 seconds and theres a small square icon with a minus to the right of it next to the manikin hand i cntrol click dragged
Then crash
Ill try to record a short clip of the crash for you later today. Im sure it’s something im doing incorrect. Its funny how averse i am to getting a grip on rd. It seems to fight me every step of the way haha. I see all these amazing easy looking vids done with it and yet it seems to constantly speedbump me :rofl: . I get so tired spending hours with maya crashing or stuff not working like in the documentation that i just go back to the easier way, hand animating :rofl:which unfortunately for me at the moment still takes less time than losing 4 hours rebooting maya lol
Makes me think of how there are users who cant seem to ever get a grip on zbrushs ui or blenders haha

Its specifically this that elicits the crashing;

From the rd documentation under “masking”
" Pro tip

You can also press Ctrl whilst dragging and release to leave the Marker you are currently dragging in place, for some cool posing mechanic!"

cntrlClickDragCrash.zip (6.7 MB)

Ah! That’s it! Fixing this now. This one got changed last-minute, to make room for masking the entire character during posing unless SHIFT was held. Now, users would need to hold SHIFT, drag, and then press CTRL before releasing to achieve this effect. Need to consider how to make this a little less acrobatic.

Fixed, also found that the Translate tool also caused a crash, and tuned some of the behaviour of all tools to mask the character just like the FK tool does. Thanks for spotting this, can’t believe we missed this!

Ragdoll 2023.10.10


Very minor update that affects Export Physics.

  • Export Physics would not include the hierarchy of Markers used by Load Physics

Ragdoll 2023.10.11

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New minor update, addressing two bugs.

  1. Assigning to multiple individual objects would not record to the Translate, see here
  2. Locomotion did not take the Rotate Pivot into account, meaning you could not use it on objects with frozen transformations

Ragdoll 2023.11.20

Minor update, addressing just 1 bug with the Weld Constraint which was broken when Scene Scale != 1.0

Ragdoll 2023.12.13


Hi all,

Here’s a minor patch for Ragdoll in Maya.

  • Fix for solver limit values being 1000x too large on export
  • Fix for solver limit exceeding numerical limits and breaking a simulation
  • Fix for distance constraint causing crash, if parent or child is removed
  • Fix error with “cmdx” when using Locomotion, see here for an example

This may also solve the issue described here, where Markers disappear on playback.

But I am still awaiting confirmation (@RebeccaB if you see this, please have a go!)

Ragdoll 2024.02.10

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