Ragdoll Live Mode - Markers disappearing when animating in live mode

I am new to Ragdoll and still discovering its marvellous features :slight_smile:

I am having an issue with the Live Mode:
The set up
I have set up my ragdoll (markers with mesh shape, rotation limits, no retargeting warning in the “Retargeting Editor”) on one of my “complicated” rigs (not a simple FK chain). Meaning I am loading the physics in a new scene with a fresh rig and constraining the controllers of this fresh rig to the joints of my loaded Ragdoll.
The issue
When I go into the “Live” mode I can start moving my Ragdoll around (using masks and IK selection tool) but at some point I loose some of the markers and eventually all the ragdoll disappears. This has also caused my Maya to fatal error several times.
One thing I spotted is that Maya seems to be lagging a bit just before the marker disappear (maybe this is not relevant :sweat_smile:)

What I tried so far:

  • I doubled checked the markers hierarchy
  • I tried the FK live selection tool, but this causes the mesh to disappear instantly and a Maya fatal error follows usually (but not always)
  • I tried using the live mode on the original ragdoll that I created and the markers disappear as well (same issue)
  • I tried to change substeps and iterations but that didn’t change the issue

I must be missing something (maybe very obvious), but I can’t figure out what…
Would anyone have encountered this issue before ?

I would love to be able to use the live mode with foreign rigs, but so far I am struggling a bit :confounded:

Thank you for any help you can provide :smiling_face:

Ragdoll_LiveMode_Mesh disappear

Welcome to the forums @RebeccaB :partying_face:

Oh dear, that sounds serious. Would it be possible to upload either the Maya file, or an exported physics .rag file to here? (drag and drop the file into a reply, zip is great). Alternatively, to send it privately if it involves confidential things. Alternatively-alternatively to either strip it down to just the parts that breaks, and send that. Or build it up from scratch into something that breaks the same way.

Crashes should never happen, so this is something I’d like us to address asap.

There should be no difference whether Markers have been assigned to joints or meshes or a rig of any complexity. I suspect the underlying issue the same as the one that makes the meshes disappear and crashes Maya, so let’s address that first.

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Hi @RebeccaB, just checking in on this, did you ever get to the bottom of it? I noticed that the version you are/were on must have been before this bugfix which involved Live Mode.

If you ever run into this again, please try this and let me know!

Hi Marcus,

I really appreciate you reaching back, thank you :slight_smile:

As for many gaming studios CA (my studio) has been touched by the redundancies, so the lasts months have been hectic sadly, hence my lack of response.

I have not had time to dig deeper in the issue. If I come across I will definitely try this!
Thank you very much!
Take care

Thanks for the update @RebeccaB!