Live Mode Limits?

Do Axis Limits not work in Live Mode?

‘Limit Locks’ work fine, but otherwise Limits aren’t being respected (e.g. I can twist Markers in complete circles where they have small set Limits).

Set Limits:

Live Mode (twisting Spine well beyond limit):

Thanks Marcus!

…yet limits definitely work with the Manikin asset? Again this might need more explaining and/or my test rig is that janky (though absolutely no idea why as I’m now just using joints, no control rig at all)

It does work the same in and outside of Live Mode, but the Live Mode magnet is pretty strong, and stronger yet when pulling on heavy things. All limits are soft, they have their own Stiffness and Damping. Odds are in your case you need a stronger limit to cope with the Live Mode magnet.

See here and here.

Okay cool. I did see the driveStiffness vs limits thread but wasn’t certain it applied to my situation, mainly because limits appeared to work fine outside of Live Mode. But as you say, the dynamics at play are different (strong pull) so this now makes sense.

Thank you thank you!!