Wants to add extra support marker between two markers

I using google translate.


I want to add an extra marker between columns.

  1. To prevent the body’s marker from passing between columns.
  2. To deal with layering cloths. (For example, if there is a cloak on the outside of the skirt and long back hair on the outside of cloak. etc,)

note about reason2.
For the marker structure on the lower layer, I want to add markers in the horizontal direction to increase the resolution.
To increase the accuracy of collision with the cloth of the upper layer.

I found that there are special techniques, requirements to the rig system and some difficulties to achieve this.
Below is my current solution.
But I want this to be easier.
Specifically, I would like you to implement special support markers that differ from normal markers. For accomplish this.


Here’s an example of added support markers to between the skirt’s columns.
You can see how much will improve the skirt and legs collision.
Of course this has been achieved by technique, using normal markers.
So there are various difficulties.

Difficulties 1.

It has special demands on the rig system.
Ragdoll not able to assign multiple markers to a single target node.
So, between each section we need another controller.
Our rig system has it, but the requirement to use it all the time is a tough requirement.

Difficulties 2.

Use the attach constraint to connect to vertical structures.
Other constraints I’ve tried have had poor results.
However, attach constraint has non preferable specification against this tequnique.

A controller that assigns markers for support is only used to assign markers for support.
Due to the limitation that Ragdoll cannot assign multiple markers to one node.
In other words, I don’t want to bake suppport marker’s sim results to those controllers.

However, the attach constraint will error and fail to construct if the marker’s target is empty.
But, After constructing the attach constraint, the target can be made empty by the retargeting window.
Only in that scene.
It is mean, if you export that state as a preset, you will get an error because the target is empty in the scene where you imported the preset.
It’s not able to reproduce the intended structure.

So, Animators should remove animations about baked support marker’s controls in after.
As they cannot be excluded from bake ( cannot be empty target ).
Because it can easily spoil the final result.

Difficulties 3.

I don’t want the support markers to have mass.
That’s because it’s enough if it exists between the columns.
Having mass affects the way the cloth sways too much.
So you need to turn on “ignore mass” and also reduce “density”.
However, “density” may not be able to small.
It’s a layered cloths case.
When dealing with layered cloth, ragdoll doesn’t have a layer setting, so it is necessary to set the relationship between large and small “density”.
So there is possible “density” cannot be able to small if lower layer.

I also understand that it’s the attach constraint’s parameters that affect how it sways.
But this also keeps the connection alive, so it can’t be made soft too much.
Must hard enough.

About influencing the way the fabric sways.
In my example, the addition of support markers, incidentally, seems to help maintain the intended design.
However, this is not always the case.
If then, I have to wrestle with the parameters of the marker and attach constraints.


Difficulties 4.

One side appears to be more constrained stronger.
I’ve done some testing and found the structure that gives the best results, but one side still seems to be more binding.
It doesn’t keep good middle ground.

I think this is a side effect of using normal markers and the difficult technique of using attach constraints.

From these combined viewpoints, I would like to you to officially support the ability to add a supporting marker between two markers.
It must be fully designed for purposeful use and sufficiently controllable.
Substitutions by user techniques are limited.

I’m sure you need it for cloth use.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we will take it into consideration. However, as Ragdoll is designed and intended for character animation rather than cloth simulation, and this usecase seem only relevant for cloth simulation, it is likely that it falls outside the scope of what Ragdoll is for.

If you can find a usecase that is relevant to the animation of character limbs and props that would make it more suitable for integration.

Also, have you seen this?


Yes I seen that topic, of course.
Thank you for link.

About this tool.
Is it unlikely that a request for cloth usage will be fulfilled?

We will consider it. It will be more likely if you can also think of a way that this can benefit the core usecase for Ragdoll, which is body animation.


Thank you for reply.