Separate Rotate Stiffness across X, Y and Z

First problem im having with this is the twisting of the upper arm due to lack of stiffness, which is mandatory for this case. Another reason why i went with the high gravity, since that way the stiffness could be increased and you just had a dropping arm without the twist. Would be great if there could be a stiffness parameter for each axis…

Next problem is the arm colliding with the body, there is no impact effect. I know there is the bounce parameter and its also on default, which should give realistic results as it is. Am cautious increasing it after my last tests a while ago, since it made couple parts jump invinitely.

Lastly the arm behaviour when pulled by the pin constraint. Feels like a bit too less inertia of mass for my taste.

We covered this here and I asked if we can focus the topic so as to make it easier for others to search and learn from.

I’m not seeing this here, so to answer one of your questions:

See the Advanced Pose tab of the Marker to control stiffness for Twist (X) and Swing (YZ) separately.

Another thing you can try depending on what your looking for is leaving stiffness equal across all axes, and adding a narrow limit with less stiffness so as to make the limit prevent rotation softly in the axis you need.

PS: I’ll edit the title too to make it searchable.