Recommended way to fling a charscter to a wall?

I’m looking into having a caracter hit a pose as he hits the wall and then falling down and resting in a new pose. How would I go about this?

And what is recommended for shooting a charscter through the air? Do I animate the caracter moving rapidly for a few frames and then let the simulation take over? Or do i use forces as in the good old Particles days? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @He-Man, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Your intuition here is correct! He’ll inherit the velocity from your animation when it transitions from Animated to Simulated.

Reaching a pre-defined pose after simulating is a common but challenging task. The difficulty is in not knowing what pose you will be transitioning from, so it’s a game of balancing where the simulation ends up and how you want the pose to end up. You can steer the simulation towards your pose, or you can pose to where the simulation ends up. If you steer the simulation it may end up less natural. If you edit your pose, you may not reach the desired goal. Balance.

Here’s an example of what it sounds like what you want.

The way he’s flung to the wall. Velocity, starting pose and pose being reached during the fling each affects the pose the simulation will want him to end up in. Towards the end, you’ll notice he “snaps” into the pose I would like him to land in. I’ve “hidden” this snap in the middle of a lot of other motion so as to make it less noticeable. But this is an example of where the simulation and my final pose disagrees on where to end up, so we end up forcing the simulation. But not too much.

Here’s what happens if we offset the timing of when we’d like him to reach a pose.

So far, the pose we’ve been reaching has all been in local space. The position of the overall character still isn’t a 100% match. You can then close the gap further by pulling the character in worldspace by using Pin Constraints.

The Pin Constraints are parent constrained to the character, and I initially turn off any stiffness until I want them to kick in. Which in this case happens just as he reaches the pose I’m after.

Finally, to get a vertex-perfect match you can try the Blend attribute on the solver. This has the same effect as blending the resulting animation layer in Maya, except it happens before baking out any keyframes.

Hope it helps, and if you post you progress here we might be able to help you further!

Oh, and here’s the scene, Maya 2024, Ragdoll 2023.10.10 (264.5 KB)