Pose space (where are you?)

We are testing ragdoll dynamics for a specific projects. We really enjoy it. I’m not being able, though, to find the pose space attributes neither on the markers’ groups node nor on the single marker node.
Under the ‘avanced pose’ tab where it is supposed to be (based on tutorial and screenshots I see anywhere here) there’s nothing about it, only down into the extra attributes tab there is the pose space drop down menu with its attributes, but it’s doing nothing, as far as I can tell.
We basically need to have the animation following the rig with some ragdoll dynamic behaviours on top of it. I know that we could get the same result using constraints, but the world space would be much straightforward, I guess.
Anyone’s help would be much appreciated

Pose Space went for a well-deserved retirement.

Today, your Markers are always in Local Space and World Space can be achieved by applying a Pin Constraint to your Marker. The effect is identical.

Have a look here for details.

The tutorials haven’t caught up yet, but they will. Sorry for the confusion during this transition period, but this Pose Space attribute was a continuous source of pain and confusion in using the tool. The Pin Constraint is a great alternative and should make it much simpler to work with. Let me know your thoughts!