Pile of dead bodies

i have my creature model its a monster what i want is to create pile of dead bodies of that creature now if i do it manually the result does not look good and i will take lot of time
please need help

Hi @M_HASHIM_TARI, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Assuming you haven’t got a rig yet, these would be the steps.

  1. Setup rig
  2. Setup Ragdoll
  3. Import rig multiple times
  4. Transfer simulated result back onto your rigs

Setting up a Rig

You’ll need a bare minimum of a rig to work with Ragdoll, something that can deform your model using one or more joints. Here’s one tutorial for how to get started with such a basic setup.

Duplicate Rig

Once you’ve got a character setup with Ragdoll, we can import or reference it character into the same Maya scene.

Merge Solvers

In order for your multiple characters to interact, they need to be part of the same physics world. The same “solver”. To do that, select two solvers and run Ragdoll → Edit → Merge Solvers

Do this for every rig, such that they are all contained within just one solver. That way they can all interact.

Snap to Simulation

Now that you’ve gotten all character to interact and fall to the ground, the final step is transferring the simulation back onto your character. Since you are only looking for a single pose of bodies on the ground, we can use Ragdoll → Snap to Simulation.

You can also quickly experiment with this without any rig by using the default assets that ship with Ragdoll.

Hope it helps, and if you run into any issues feel free to ask here!

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thankyou i will go through all videos but i have my rig setup i have used advance skeleton5

Perfect, in that case any of the other tutorials will help you through the Ragdoll setup stage, such as this one.