Mocap To Ragdoll simulation In live

I really was impressed when I test this, so many possibilities with the ragdoll, English is not my language and if someone can understand what I’m talking about that will be great😂 here I’m showing how mocap data can interacts with Ragdoll simulation in live


This is very cool, thanks for sharing!

There will be plenty more of this moving forward. One thing you can do to increase the stability of the simulation is to playback at higher framerates. At the default 24 fps, things can get a bit janky with faster motion and deep hierarchies like that rope. But at 60 or 120 it should be much smoother! It will also depend on the framerate of your motion capture. Ideally they should playback at the same rate.

At 2:30 with zero-gravity, try also increasing Air Density on the solver. It will make things float as they were under water, as opposed to in space. :slight_smile:

At the end, I was half-expecting you would have discovered that you can also make parts of your body dynamic. :slight_smile: For example, if you make the torso and including arms “Simulated” as opposed to “Animated” they will follow both your mocap and droop with gravity. If you make the entire character “Simulated” it will fall to the ground, but still mimic your physical posture.

Lots of fun!

Thank you, I did that, my part of body was simulated, just I was so nervous about my accent that I forgot to show this, there was experiment that I forgot to show, I turned on arm simulated everything else was animated, and my arms was like dead, like Jim Carrey did in Ace Ventura, I’m also experimenting with full body simulation in the space with mocap and it’s amazing

Yes! That was the effect I had in mind also. :slight_smile: I think Ace Ventura must have used Ragdoll.