Mesh replace

Hey all!
I’m working on a scene with a car, Id like to use the main chasis of the car as the mesh for the marker.
I made a lower poly version of my mesh, and made sure it had no openings etc.
When i try to get the tool, it doesn’t do a good enough job of replicating the mesh…I loose the shape in the wheel arches and where the hood meets the windshield etc.
Is there a way to increase the fidelity of the tool so that its more accurate?


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The info you seek :

Thanks Jason !

That’s correct, and to clarify the feature is called Automatic Mesh Islands which is a way of splitting up a mesh into several smaller parts that make a whole. The process can take a few seconds for Ragdoll to compute though.

An alternative with better performance and more control is to split the mesh by hand, as in the video also in that link.