Locomotion Issue

Hi I just updated to the New Version of Ragdoll to test the new Locomotion feature. However Im experiencing a bug where the character just snaps at one end of the grid and does not calculate a path.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Im using Mac Version.


Unclear; any messages in the Script Editor? If you launch Maya from a terminal, it may output some additional messages there.

Hi Marcus

This is what I get.

from ragdoll import interactive as ri
isolateSelect -update “modelPanel4”;
isolateSelect -update “modelPanel4”;

Warning: Disabling due to missing targets.

isolateSelect -addSelectedObjects modelPanel4;
// Warning: Locomotion failed with ‘Solved To Acceptable Level’
ragdoll._on_plan_complete() - Plan Complete

Maybe it has something to do with some permissions from admin?

Hm, that’s a clue. Can you try following these steps exactly, and let me know what you see?

If it still doesn’t work, can you check the Node Editor to make sure this is what it looks like?

And then check the Attribute Editor under Targets to confirm that this is what it looks like?

Finally, can you open this scene and let me know if this works?

boxtest.zip (45.5 KB)

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the thoroughness. I opened the file you had and it prompted my machine to enable loco3D. And after that it works.

Now Im having an issue whenever I enable locomotion in the scene and I open a new scene it creates an error


Not quite sure how I can find the other details since it doesnt record in the Script Editor.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

Great, so the original issue seems to have been MacOS blocking access to the loco3d file on disk; it’ll require permissions similar to the ragdoll.bundle and Turbo* (licencing) files.

The next issue of a crash on a new scene is something I am unable to reproduce here. Are you able to test this on a different machine, or with another version of Maya or any other circumstance that could provide more clues? Also, if you are able to launch Maya from a terminal, that terminal may provide some additional clues post-crash.