Livestream I - Intro

An introduction to Ragdoll, along with myself doing the coding behind the tool and Jason who just joined the team to make tutorials and cool showcase material. :partying_face:

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I’ve been showing new artists how to use Ragdoll, and wanted to show them this tutorial (it’s my favorite one), especially since the asset is included in the tool.
Unfortunately, since so many changes have been done to the tool already (and in every case, thankfully) this demo falls short in quite a few places.

I’ve watched the latest YouTube series starring the Iron Giant. It’s very nice, though a bit too simplified compared to this Livestreamed demo from last year. This is a “hit the ground running” tutorial. Wings, fields, “grabbing”, etc. All of it is awesome.

Is there a Demo like this using a newer version of Ragdoll that I could point to new users (and myself for future reference)?

Will there be more live/pre-recorded Demos?

Thank you!

Thanks for flagging this!

The currently most up to date version of a hit the ground running tutorial is this.

But I’ve gone ahead and re-recorded the intro section of this livesteam now.

Let me know if there is anything else in particular you are looking for updates on!