Kiilling the Stag with Ragdoll

Hi guys,
Would like to share some testings I’m doing on a killing a Stag.
I had this cycles done for a project and now reusing them for something different:

Need to add the antlers to the setup and I think I’ll add a stronger push, simulating the shot.
It feels more like tripping, now.

Speak soon guys


A good start! What’s missing (I think) is some secondary motion in the flesh, and some flex in between the body parts.

You can get secondary motion in the flesh (even if you don’t intend to record back to it) by assigning to some additional objects around the body, representing flesh. This can help add some softness and momentum to the fall and to hitting the ground.

Not having any softness inbetween limbs can also make the character seem like it’s a miniature plastic action figure. Having limbs slightly stretch and compress can help make it seem more natural. Again, even if your original character cannot actually translate the controls. The feeling of it is preserved in the overall rotations too.

Here’s some examples.

hummmm, very interesting , I will looking into that.
Unfortunate this rig a bit basic in that sense, but I will investigate how to bring in that level of detail.

Thank you for the tips.

I was putting together an example of what I had in mind, but thought it’d be useful enough as a separate post, as it is a very general workflow.

I think this would look great on this particular character. And there’s no limit to how many pieces of flesh you add, or what their shape is!

Ahhh, thats super easy trick, I will try that on my next pass. :+1: