Fleshy Ragdolls

Hi all,

Here’s a little tip for how to make your ragdolls more lifelike, by adding some flesh onto them! This requires no special rig or setup and can be applied on live production files.

Here’s some slow-motion with a better view on what’s going on.

Ragdoll will record the motion of your newly added flesh, which you may or may not need. Even without the flesh, their weight will carry through into your ragdolls, making them move more realistically and softly.

Step 1 - Create new transforms

Here’s how to accomplish the above result. First, create a new transform, and parent it to your character. Exactly where is not relevant for Ragdoll, it can be anywhere. In this case, I’m going to use joints, but you can use empty groups or other controls too. If your character already has flesh controls, use those, all the merrier.

Step 2 - Assign Markers

Assign and connect, such that they follow the original Marker around.

Step 3 - Tuning

Per default, your new flesh markers will only rotate, not translate. Let’s fix that.

You can also fool around with the flesh density for some cool effects. With flesh more dense, they will pull on the character more as they move. With less density, they will act more like shock absorbers during contact, without affecting too much of the overall motion.