Import/export Physics discrepancy

Hi guys,

I’ve come across an issue with the import/export options
I have a .rag exported from 2022.12.20 and it doesn’t import correctly on your latest version '23
Luckily I had an archive of 2022.12.05 which got it all working as expected.

It does recognise the namespace etc, but the issues are:
-Not connecting to rig
-Coming in as default Box/capsules apposed to how it was setup, using custom meshes.

Also can I have access to previous versions also, as its helpful to troubleshoot. Even if it is just 2022.12.20

Also a nice thing to have, if its do-able, is to have the ability to backdate on the fly using the nice timeline you have with the extras assets in? Just a thought :slight_smile:


Can you include any error messages you are getting?

I suspect you may have fallen victim to a bug which was squashed yesterday:

Can you confirm whether it works for you in 2023.04.07?

Would be nice, and not impossible, however it would only apply to users with write-access to wherever Ragdoll was installed. For individual users on their home machine, this could be an option. For office users, afraid not. Given this, would this help you?

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for getting back to me. No I hadn’t tried the latest version so I’ll go ahead and try that :pray:
I’ll let you know how I get in. I’ll make a note of any error.

As for the archival part, for me, I work locally with rag so it would be fine.
Other option: to have access to previous versions in another ways, if it gets messy for server setups.


Previous versions are available upon request, but as we do not have the resources to support every version we try and keep people up to date as much as possible.

Ok great, then if I could get 2022.12.20 from you, so I’m 1:1 with a clients setup, that would be grand :slight_smile:

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