How to throw ragdoll with another ragdoll?

Hello. I am solo animator in an indie wrestling game and was really excited to incorporate Ragdoll in my pipeline but I can’t quite grasp how to make it work.

I made animation of Powerbomb for Aggressor in Cascadeur, then added rough animations of Victim in this scene, then I exported it to Maya via plugin that basically grabs all joints and meshes and puts it in Maya, no IK controls included. I was able to make Ragdoll markers for my basic Y Bot from Mixamo and apply it to both Agressor and Victim in scene but then I was being stuck at this step for around a month :saluting_face:

So, my task here includes:

  1. Agressor-Ragdoll with Animated behaviour throws Victim-Ragdoll (simulated) on the ground like this . The animation starts from the point when Victim sits on shoulders of Agressor.
  2. Victim-Ragdoll falls to the ground, bounces and then snaps to predeterrmined pose.

So far with the help of Vortex and Radial field I made first 9 frames of throwing and recorded them.

I figured from this point I can turn off markers for Agressor and animate it as just falling and animate Agressor around that movement afterwards. I made another Radial field and dropped markers but they get stuck in this pose because of keyframe

How would you suggest to solve this problem as I can’t animate “Enabled” parameter?

Hi @aprobelb, welcome to the forum!

Try animating the Behaviour from Simulated back to Animated, and it’ll follow your animation again. But generally, you can also animate the visibility of the whole rSolver node at that point, since the output wouldn’t be relevant anymore.

I suspect this isn’t what you are after though, it’s not clear. Do you mean that you still want to simulate the character falling to the ground, but that he shouldn’t maintain the pose? Normally, you would animate a new pose for that character, and potentially lower the Rotate Stiffness to make muscles more relaxed but still move towards some desired pose.

Yes, I would like it to be plain ragdoll without considering keyframes because that is the point for me — i don’t want to animate collision with the floor, i would rather simulate it.

Can you elaborate on how it would be useful? I am still new and don’t know how it is relevant.

Take 15-20 minutes to run through these two introductory videos first and it will become much more clear what to do.