How to blend Kinematic without affecting the position of the sim?


Thank you for the amazing tool!

Just was wondering if anyone knows how to blend Kinematic marker without affecting the position of the whole sim?

In my case I have exhaust pipes controller animated on a rig to look like they vibrate. I want to propagate that vibration across all sim, but when I turn on Kinematic Behavior it does this, but also affects the position of the whole sim.

Tried messing with different behaviors and advanced world position, but it’s either no effect at all or same as above.

Not sure if Im explaining it properly, so I made a video:

Would appreciate any help!

Hi! welcome to the forums!

Cool looking asset!

When the engine part is fully Kinematic its almost as if it has full control over anything it’s attached to.

Try increase the mass of the marker for the engine vibration and make sure it has Translate Motion = Soft

I did a tips and tricks for a heart beat which would act the same…

Hope this helps


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Thank you for your reply! Wow, that’s geniously simple, gonna try that right now! Thx!

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Hi @kgr, did you manage to figure this one out? :open_mouth: Would love to see the result!

Hello! Yes, just used Jason’s genius idea and stuck a “heart” into it connected to the pipe animation and it just works! Thanks so much!

Here is a quick test and setup.


Oh wow this looks fantastic! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing!

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Nice… smart ! Great stuff… well done

Is that marker manager panel something built on? Or did you customize it?

Thank you! If you refer to Retarget Marker Options window - that’s just built in under Ragdoll → Edit → Retarget Option Box → Editor tab


Thank you… beautiful… I did not know that… I will have to spend more time clicking all the options to learn more.

Have a look at some examples of the Retargeting UI here: