Disabling markers does not improve fps

Hey Marcus, I don’t know if you saw this problem/bug last time I mentioned it in that big locked thread, but this is quite important so I’d repost it, with steps to reproduce the problem. I’ll also include the original video but I understand it’s too long, so you don’t have to watch it. It’s just here if you need a reference.

The problem is, after merging solvers, the fps drops drastically. You said I could disable the markers of one character to solve that, but it doesn’t help. The fps is still the same. I’m not asking for a fps improvement when both characters’ markers are active, but there are times when I only need to work with one character, then I wish to get the fps back. If I have 10 characters in one scene, and I only want to simulate 2 characters at once, it is a problem if I can’t get the fps back by disabling the markers. Here are the stats from my testing:
Before merging:
1 character, 24 fps
2 characters, 14 fps
1 character disabled, 1 character enabled, 16 fps

After merging:
2 characters, 14 fps
1 character disabled, 1 character enabled, 14 fps

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create markers for a character
  2. Open a new Blend file
  3. Append the character twice
  4. Merge solvers
  5. Record the fps
  6. Disable the markers on one character
  7. Record the fps again and compare it with the previous fps

True, yes, can confirm this. It would be possible to incorporate some performance gain here, another thing on our list is to enable/disable the reading of position and rotation from things you assign; this is one of the main culprits to performance.

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Will this also solve the problem with Snap to Simulation in an IK setup that I brought up in the other thread?

I’ve pushed a minor release that addresses this! :partying_face:


No need to update Ragdoll Core for this, only the Blender addon.

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Sorry, does this bug/problem need to wait until the next release cycle to be fixed?

Sorry, this will take time. This is also one of the reasons why it’s important to keep threads on topic, as I had considered this topic completed with the above update.

Okay I understand.