A (failed) attempt to make a walk animation using Ragdoll only

Oh okay, I’ll try to keep the videos as short as possible next time. Much of the video is showing which bones are FK or IK. The part where I show the problem starts at 2:05.

The steps to reproduce this problem is:

  1. Assign markers to IK bones such as those of an arm. There should be 2 IK bones only, one at the upper or forearm, the other at the hand. To complete the chain, a marker should be assigned to a deform/FK bone in the arm. For example, the IK bones are for the upper arm and hand, and the deform/FK bone is for the forearm.

  2. Select the solver, then untarget the marker assigned to the deform/FK bone. In this case it’s the forearm bone.

  3. Pose the arm in Live Mode, then Snap to Simulation.

  4. The forearm bone will have some location and rotation applied to it, but it shouldn’t, because it is already untargeted.