Chain simulation


I follow the tips commented here Bracalet and chains - #6 by luisSanJuan
to get a simple chain simulation. But I can’t avoid the links to passing through each other (well the ones in the picture)

Init pose

Final pose

This is a simple test for an animation I would like to try, one of this chain ball, not sure if Ragdoll it’s a good tool to achieve it

EDIT : resolution is 500 and substeps 16

Thanks for any help

The challenge for Ragdoll is being able to detect when the inner side of two rings collide, before they pass through each other. If the motion is slow, then it won’t be an issue. Substeps is a way for Ragdoll to subdivide each frame and look at them in slow-motion, so even when it’s somewhat fast you should still be able to get away with it.

But once it’s too quick, they’ll pass through without Ragdoll knowing about it. (13.5 KB)

For those kind of scenarios, an alternative is using a traditional chain and putting the pivot where you expect the rings to collide, and using limits to emulate contact with each other as they twist. (11.4 KB)


Thanks, Magnus.
What I see it’s in my ragdoll version I can’t choose “Use group” or Rotate Stifness nor Rotate Damping… is it due a new version of Ragdoll or I’m missing anything?

Yes, see here.

Download a newer version here.

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