Bracalet and chains

I been having a great fun with ragdoll, and getting some cool progress with.

know i am thinking how i can approach bracalets or chains

replace mesh will make a solid volume and we dont have a primite that is like a torus.

M initial tough was to create a chain of joints, that makes the rings and put properties so they almost done rotate and behave toguether as a solid piece, the most paintfull part i think will be the baking , but we can bake to a control that is in the middle of the bracelet or ring od the chain.

this was the idea i Have until know.

A chain would work, and if you’d like some deformation of your chains then this is the way to go. However there is a simpler option, if you don’t want deformation included.


thanks for the speed reply. I remenber checking this video and the one for mesh island

aat the end lookf s the easies is to make quicklt different mesh ilands, with edit/mesh detach so i dont create more faces.

my main goal is for the bracelet to slide with the character arms , and for chain to behave with each other.i will try to a a chain and make a demo for it, know is time to play with it :slight_smile:

Great, yes that’ll work. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

quick test , i will do a better test, but with this i think i will achieve what i want.


One of the challenges for Ragdoll in solving this simulation is the thickness of the bracelets. It will likely need more resolution than normal to avoid rings passing through each other. If you do find that they pass through each other - especially in fast motions - then crank up the Substeps attribute on the rSolver node to 10 or more.

Other than that, this is a viable approach.

PS: For screen recording, you’ve got a bunch of free options that produces higher FPS and .mp4 files. The main one being the one built into Windows and then also ScreenRecorder and Fluent Screen Recorder to name a few if you’re on Windows and a bunch on Linux too.