Workspace switching changes sim

Hi all,
I’ve noticed an interesting issue. If I change the workspace of maya… from Maya classic to Animation. The results of the simulation change. Anyone else having this issue?

Haha, that sounds suspicious. Can you reproduce it? Does it happen every time? Can I reproduce this somehow? E.g. make a box, move it to Translate Y=5.0 and drop it. Then when I change the workspace, it drops differently?

What you might be seeing is differences in simulation if you e.g. play to frame 50, rewind to frame 20, and play to frame 50 again. The simulation will be identical so long as it’s played from the start frame, but can differ if it resumes from having been rewound to a frame later than the start frame.

Well after a reboot it’s no longer happening. Just Maya being pedantic I guess.

False alarm it would seem. Sorry.

Cool, yes simulation should not be affected by window layout. Next time you spot anything off, if you include a few steps I can take to reproduce it it would help me (and you!) narrow things down quick and painless.