Work in progress Dragon



Nice one! :partying_face: @Jason Check it out!

Yup still a WIP. Planning on adding a load of characters getting knocked around by the dragon

Wooooo!! Look at that environment interaction! This already looks cool! Can’t wait to see the progress :slight_smile:

Speaking of the environment, did you use the new Environment option? I bet that entire tower thing could be turned into a single environment, for accurate collisions with the vertices. If it’s a regular Kinematic marker, could you show what the resulting marker mesh looks like?

So yes, I used the new use envireonment option.

Looking really cool !!!
Exiting to see new progress on this “nice shot” …!

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Adding some snacks : )



Very cool. :slight_smile: What’s your strategy for the extra dudes? These look like a good candidate for a second sim, where the baked dragon is used as plain Kinematic objects.

Yeah thats the plan. Going to have these guys getting flung around. Im planning on baking out the dragon then deriving some kind of collider from that to hit these guys.

  • Trade secret - To get the Dragon animation all smooth and floaty I actually ran the sim in slo motion. Baked it out, then scaled the keys by .5. I think it worked pretty well : )


Try giving Air Density a try, it’s on the solver. :slight_smile:

Yup I will : )

Cooking the snacks



Looks like a few frames are missing, right after he picks up the second dude. Other than that, this looks lovely. Especially the first grab!

its a gif its only 12 fps

Ah I think I see now.

That throw was so fast, it looked like there was a few frames missing there.

okay, just adding some finishing touches


Will we be seeing something with more fps? Or with lights? :slight_smile:

  • Hell yes you will : )
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Here we go… All done and rendered up