Who is using Automatic Mesh Decomposition?

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What is Mesh Decomposition?

Last year a feature was introduced to try and automatically preserve detail in your collision shapes called Mesh Decomposition.

It has 3 possible values.

  • Off
  • Mesh Islands
  • Automatic

The default is Mesh Islands which makes a collision mesh for each set of connected vertices.

When you e.g. combine two boxes into one mesh, that mesh consists of 2 mesh islands, and Ragdoll will preserve these boxes. Likewise, if you Multi-Cut a mesh then Ragdoll will produce a single collision mesh consisting of multiple shapes.

Automatic on the other hand cuts for you, but takes a long time and doesn’t do a very good job.

The automatic method is the current state of the art in rigid body dynamics, so it made sense to add. However around the same time, the Mesh Islands option was added as an experimental feature that we had not seen used before and wasn’t sure would work long-term.

As it happens, Mesh Islands is a great default for use with Maya; it is highly controllable and so fast you don’t even notice it taking any time at all.

So what we’d like to do is remove the Automatic option to reduce complexity in code and encourage use of this superior feature.

Use the above poll to let us know, and thanks!

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