Wake up with a plan

More fiddling with plans.

initially, thought of making another crazy long shot… but end up trim and reduce to this!


  1. ragdoll on the ground
  2. pin + plan
  3. layer anim tweak alittle
  4. pin + plan for part 2 ( turn 0 previous pin )
  5. layer anim, this time also include end beat acting
  6. key between inherit to dynamic ( turn 0 all pins )

about 1hr. ( after scrapping 2 hrs of random doodling )

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Very nice. :slight_smile: His legs look a little broken, not sure they bend that way. :sweat_smile: What’s the thing hitting him at the end? I like his eyes, starting off sagging but finding their way to life.

yeah, I think I might have baked a few times and adjusted the body which broke the legs ><!