Use ragdoll for stones

Hello , i created test walk with ragdoll dynamics for stones + render inside unreal engine


Love it! Thanks for sharing. Would it be possible to talk more about your process? What was the most challenging aspect when working with Ragdoll for those rocks? Have you considered using Ragdoll for e.g. the wings too, to e.g. collide with the terrain?


Most challenging was simulated stones when dragon make a steps and get result whicn i needed
especially in firts shot ( artistic simulation lol ))
I try to use dragon feet for create a simulation , but resuilt did not suit for me .
And when i worked with simulation i did nit see how work with noisy landscape+ simulation , and after my hard work i find your article for this )))

Then i tried I animated a a sphere with marker , when dragon feet stomp at stones and at worked for me

I did not use simulation for wings , i had other methods

My pipeline:
1 create layout in unreal and raw landscape ( for dragon it is idea and trajectory moving , for landscape general shape
2 export layout and landscape
Creat walk cycle
Path walk cycle by spline along the terrain - it is work good
3 export animation in unreal and improve landscape ,put the stones for simulation
4 export improved lanscape to maya , improving animation and created simulation for stones
5 export to unreal and work with lumen ( stones i exported by alembic )