Unresponsive Ragdoll?

I don’t know exactly what is happening, but it feels like ragdoll is being either unresponsive or just not reacting to any of the values I’m using. This is what I’m working on:

with the whole scene set to “Simulated” this is what happens:

If I set the feet to “Animated” this is what happens:

Whether the animation is in-place or actually moving forward it doesn’t seem to make a difference in this case, but what I’m noticing is if I select the pelvis marker (which is assigned to the COG controller) and try to change either the translation settings, or even the rotation damp and stiffness values, nothing happens, the simulation doesn’t change at all.

I mainly need to add some secondary motion to this animation to make it feel a bit more alive and less stiff, there’s also a weird “twitch” in the head (which I think comes from the body as it’s an FK chain) that I was hoping ragdoll would smooth out

I uploaded the wrong files lol the video at the bottom is with everything “simulated”, the one at the top is with the feet set to “animate”

(I think your videos are in the reverse order) (fixed it for you)

It looks like it’s reacting to the Animated state, the feet appear gray and the motion is significantly different. Can you be more specific about what you expect to have happen?

This is expected; stiffness and damping values are relative their parent, and the pelvis has no parent. If you want global control of the pelvis, try assigning a Pin Constraint to it, and parent it to your character. There is also an option for the Pin Constraint to be Constrained to your character.

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this @MLV?

I’ve been considering whether to make parent-less Stiffness values akin to the Pin Constraint per default. :thinking: Such that, when a Marker has no parent, then those values would work like a Pin Constraint would. As though it was a child of the world, and the values are relative the world. That might make sense.

Is that what you initially expected?