Unreal engine/unity support future?

Hi, dynamic ragdoll team.
My name is lamalome (nickname).

I saw in your discord channel in #general, a person asked if you are planning to make your system in any of the engines? Like euphoria physics? I was also interested, I saw that Marcus let us know that this will be possible in the future, when the team does all the main work in the roadmap, this means that in the future we can see some kind of analogue of euphoria in the game engine and use it to create our own games? There are really a lot of tools in Unreal Engine 5 to help creators do interesting things. Perhaps I misunderstood the words of Marcus, so I will wait for an official answer.

Good luck!

@Marcus Sorry if I didn’t understand your words, it just seemed to me that you meant what I wrote here, I don’t follow the discord channel much.

Hey @lamalome, welcome to the Ragdoll forums!

Unity and Unreal are big projects, with a lot of usecases. Can you share a bit more about what kind of challenges you are looking for Ragdoll to solve in those projects?

The one thing you can already do is:

  1. Author physics characters and creatures from within Maya
  2. Export it into a JSON file format
  3. Generate an equivalent physics character in Unreal or Unity using this file

The file contains everything authored in Maya, from shape dimensions, constraints, world settings like gravity. Enough for a character to be replicated using the native physics features of a third-party engine; including any bespoke game engine.

See here for the documentation currently available for this.

If you’ve got something more/else in mind, let us know.

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I don’t use maya, I meant that you could make a technology similar to euphoria, in the engine itself? As it is done in the rage engine, it will be exactly the technology that can be included and all the characters, animals and so on, will use your physical technology, yes, it is difficult and you may have to spend money, but I am sure that this technology will be successful and you can sell it on your website or on the marketplace, the bottom line is that You don’t have to use maya, you can do everything in the engine, it can be almost automatically doing physics for everything that moves, I think you understand what I mean when I say euphoria physics and rage engine, this technology can give the future to all of us. What do you say to that?

My idea is that in the future you will integrate your technology into Unreal Engine 5, and players and people can use it for their projects without resorting to maya, it’s convenient, and gives more creativity, it will be kind of like euphoria from rockstar, UE5 only, and you can sell it on your site or marketplace, what do you think? It is worth expecting what I and other people have described.

@marcus What will be your comments on my posts? Sorry to be a distraction, but I think we need to figure it out definitively so that new contributors are aware of this when they see this topic.

I’m not familiar with Rage, are you referring to Rockstar’s proprietary game engine?

What specifically is it about Euphoria that you would like to see incorporated into Ragdoll?

The smart biomechanics and auto-balancing!