Turbulence field seems to die as time goes on

I’m uploading a vid of just the field lines that are drawn. My turbulence seems to gradually die a few seconds into the animation. This is all default other than frequency and magnitude. Is there an attribute that will keep it going? Is this expected?

Also a seperate question on fields. I notice they are not included in my .rag files when I export physics. Is there a way to export these as well or do they only live in the scene?

I realise that what you are working with is proprietary and can’t be posted publicly, but it would help so much if you would show us at least a default Maya cube or a handful of newly drawn joints with Markers on them to illustrate your issue.

From what I can tell, it looks like your animation becomes stable in the “current” of the turbulence field. Think of like a river, the direction and magnitude won’t change and eventually whatever you have lying in it stop wavering and find an equilibrium.

If you want an effect more akin to wind (or even an actual river) you’ll need to keep changing that current. You can do that by translating the turbulence field. E.g. put a key on Translate X from 0 to 5 and cycle it with a linear offset such that it continues moving.

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OK I see what you are saying I think. We have to animate the field somehow to get active turbulence basically. Here’s an example with just a field and one of the RD rigs of what I had, but I guess this is to be expected.

Extreme example, but here I’m keying only the frequency high and low and that keeps it moving.

That’s right. You can think of turbulence more as a static field of magnetism.

Wind in the real world has turbulence too, but because it also moves it changes the directions of the turbulence naturally. You can animate the frequency, at the expense of changing the frequency. The most natural turbulence is what you get when you move it, assuming you want an effect similar to wind.