Trial Immediately Expired?

I’m excited to learn the latest version of Ragdoll Dynamics (2022.12.20) but it looks like I’m unable to get past the first steps of setting up a character.

I installed this version today and when I hit ‘Assign and Connect’, I get this popup:

My guess is that in the past I had a trial for a previous version and it’s using that as my time put into it?

I would love to dig into this latest release and evaluate it for our studio. Is there a way to reset my previous trial so that I can try out all the latest updates?


Hey @HappyMeals, welcome to the forums! :partying_face: Looks like you might be offline, to run the trial you’ll need an internet connection.

If you shoot me an email to I can send you an offline trial serial.

Great! I sent you an email. Thank you!

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