Translation not being baked

So im trying to have these ctrls on the sleeves have their translation recorded but after the simulation, the translate motion is being omitted from the bake. Im not sure why though as these ctrls’ translates are not locked or anything. Any insight would be appreciated!

Hi @Jacob_Graham, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Have a look in the Attribute Editor for the Marker you are interested in, and make sure “Record Translation” is ticked. It’s the attribute controlling whether or not to record to those channels, primarily intended to avoid recording to e.g. elbows and other controls that should not translate. Normally this is determined by whether the translate channels are locked at the time of assigning.

You can also find these attributes in the Manipulator, top-left.

Hey @marcus , thanks for the quick reply. That did the trick! I didnt think to look at the attribute editor. Thanks!