Translate and Rotate stiffness set to 0 by default - Bug or feature?

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In the past year, my team and I have been working with the Ragdoll Dynamics plugin version from 04.08.2022 at our studio. We recently decided to jump to the newer version from 12.13.2023 for a fresh project. We’ve run into a bit of a weird thing with this update. It could be a change you guys made on purpose, but just in case it’s a glitch, I thought I’d flag it up. I haven’t checked this out on the absolute latest version of the plugin, so maybe you’ve already sorted it out – fingers crossed!

The thing is, when creating markers, the default settings for translate stiffness and rotate stiffness are popping up as 0, which is a switch from the old version where they were 1.

Here’s a quick GIF showing what happens when I’m setting up a solver/marker for a pCube with the 12.13.2023 version:
Peek 2024-03-11 18-36

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Hi @Citron, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

This is intentional. Before 2023.10.03, stiffness on lone objects have no effect, since they were always relative their parent. Since then, stiffness on lone objects are the equivalent of Pose Space = World from versions around 2022. So to maintain backwards compatibility, they now start at 0 such that you can dial them up if you want that effect, primarily on the root of any hierarchy such as the hip.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
I understand now.
We’ve developed a function to automatically create markers for our rigs, and as part of this process, the markers are initially created outside the hierarchy for some reason. With the new plugin version, all markers were obviously set to 0 for both rotation and translation values by default, and reparenting them later in the process did not change their stiffness values. This is why, in the end, all the markers in my setup were set to 0. So the correct approach is that only the top marker should have these values set to 0.
Now that you’ve identified the issue, adjusting those values back to 1 should solve the problem.

Thanks !

Aha, ok great news.

In case you were not aware, there is a feature for generating markers on rigs built-in to Ragdoll already, it’s called Export Physics: