This TurboFloat Server is not activated anymore - exiting immediately

I just ran into this and want to make an entry here on the forums in case anyone else runs into it and searches for it here.

2022-07-30, 13:15:12 <error>: This TurboFloat Server is not activated anymore - exiting immediately. (Error code: 0x1). You must activate this TurboFloat Server via commandline like this:

TurboFloatServer.exe -a="ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST"

Does it affect me?

This can happen under this exact circumstance.

  1. You have a Floating Licence
  2. You have activated the licence server on a virtual machine (VM)
  3. It was activated online, as opposed to offline

In this circumstance, the licence server will attempt to re-validate itself every day, per default. Which should be fine! However as it happens this licence server can sometimes get a false negative and suspect that your licence is no longer good.

How can I avoid it?

To address this, the author of the licence server software kindly suggests you use real hardware - i.e. not a VM - or increase the delay between each re-validation. Thus reducing the odds of it happening.

In your licence server configuration file, you’ll find this line.


<isgenuine days_between="1" grace="7"/>

Change this to:

<isgenuine days_between="90" grace="14"/>

And it will now re-validate every 90 days instead of every day. Reducing the odds of this happening by 90x. A good deal.

How often does it happen?

In my experience, this has happened twice in one year of using this server software, and I have not had any reports from customers of it happening.

  • First time after 28 re-validations
  • Second time after 7 re-validations

So at best this should give you 28 * 90 days of peace of mind, and at worst 7 * 90 days.

It happened to me, what can I do?

If it should happen, simply re-activate again.

turbofloatserver -a="your-key-here"

For complete peace of mind, monitor the tfs-log.txt file for this particular message and re-activate automatically.

Hope it helps!