Things of not reproduced by ragdoll's IO

I using google translate.

My env is maya2023.3
Ragdoll ver is 2023.04.08

I’m a serious user of a studio looking to use Ragdoll for cloth and hair.
This means that you need a workflow to set up presets once and distribute it to many animators.

I’ve found in testing that these things don’t reproduce on IO.
Will these be improved?

About all constraints distance, pin, weld, attach.

Those are not reproduced when exporting with “enable” attr is OFF.
When you import it, everything is ON.


About each marker’s “enable” attr.

Those are not reproduced when exporting with “enable” attr is OFF.
When you import it, everything is ON.

About Pin constraint.

  • A parent constraint node created with the option “constrained” when creating a Pin constraint is not reproduced.

  • Some parameters are not reproduced.

The state of the attribute in rSolver > Display > Draw Limit is not reproduced.

Even though it was exported in the “Always” state, it reverted to “Selected” when it was imported.

Perhaps, any field doesn’t seem to be included in IO.

I tested gravity, air, turbulence.
I think fields will not include in IO.


rGround’s “asleep” attr not reproduced.

I just simply found this.
So, I don’t know what this attribute means or it’s going to trouble or no.

About things of ragdoll nodes tidy up.

This may separate as other topics in after.
Because I expected them not to be included in IO.
And I have verified that it is not included in IO.

However, this issue are very bothering me.
I know I can get by with I write some helper scripting.
However, there is difficult things.
There is only one character that my scene for making the presets.
But not in the animator’s scene. Multiple characters may have the ragdoll preset applied at the same time.
So, This is bothering me.

  • Object sets are not reproduced.

  • maya groups for tidy up are not reproduced.

Thanks for reporting this @norihide!

The Enabled state for constraints and Markers does indeed not appear to be imported, this will be fixed in the next release. :+1:

The Pin Constraint attributes Spring Type, Translate Stiffness XYZ, Rotate Stiffness Swing and Rotate Stiffness Twist will also be added in the next release. :+1:

Now for the bad news.

The parent constraint associated with a Pin is a little more difficult. If the user originally creates a Pin without a parent constraint, but then manually parent constrains the Pin, would you expect this to be exported? If the user makes a change to the parent constraint, such as the pivot or only affecting rotation but not translation, would you expect this to be exported?

Generally, we cannot export native Maya attributes or nodes. If you need control over this, I would recommend using Maya’s native references instead of export and import of physics.

This is true, however this is intended behaviour. Each of those states are meant to be used interactively and are only relevant when performing a certain task. We have not found a usecase for persisting them to disk, but perhaps if you can share yours we can consider adding these to the export as well.

Unlike all of the above attributes, these are not only skipped on import, but also on export. Meaning they do not currently exist in any already exported file.

This is true, for the same reason as the visibility flags. Fields are also meant to be used interactively. If you can share a usecase we can consider adding these as well.

Given that you do not know what it does, I’m going to guess that you do not need to import it. :slight_smile:

This is another interactive attribute, meant for use interactively as opposed to something that is exported and imported. See here.

This one is tricky as well, we have very limited ability to export native Maya nodes or attributes. Especially as there is no end to how many types or attributes to support. I see you have nested object sets for example. Let me think about this one. For the time being, if you need this level of Maya customisation, I would recommend using native Maya references.


Only about Field, I may post again as a separate topic in the future.
This is because I may need your help with partial gravity direction operations.

bristling hair, bristling collar, bristling fur, etc.
If these are default shape of the design, there is possibole requires a change in the direction of gravity.
But for now, ignore gravity is enough.

In other cases, gravity direction operations may be required to maintain the default shape while still swinging.
For example, the character’s bangs.
It should return to the specific angle for which it was designed after it has been swinged with sufficient softness, rather than obeying gravity completely.
I can’t find a good solution for this for now.
But in any case this is another topic.

Everything else was understood.
I will wait for the next release or discuss a workaround.

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, sounds like a good topic for a separate thread, I’ll be here if/when you need to chat about it.


I had been forgot to ask something important.
When will the next release be?


I look forward to the next release.

I am not native.
So, I heard it for the first time.
But that wit is soooo cool !!
Thank you for teaching me. :+1:

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