Tarzan Crab

Really loved and was excited to play with the Ragdoll. A lot more to explore and I can say that it’s a damn good time saver in this busy world!!!

Time up! Planed something big but end up in this small shot. But really glad to put feet on ragdoll atleast. The brand new door to explore :heart_eyes: #ragdoll
special thanks for video tutorials and quick respondses. Making all of us more comfy.


Welcome to the forums @Manu_C_Nair, great entry into the competition! The transition from locomotion to pure physics looks great, and it looks like you managed to tune the plan too for those skips? Not an easy thing with this many legs. :sweat_smile:

In your first video, what is that second crab in the background?

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Thank you @marcus for your warm welcome.
Yeah, I played with locomotion for a while to get a different style and finalized with this simple humble one. I mistakenly gave big joints for the rope and looked weird. struggled a bit with constraints and saw your reply to another artist regarding that makes it easier later. but a lot more to learn and explore.

By the way, the ‘second crab’ i was planned for a different story. Time went so fast and end up with this 4-sec clip. :grin: