Switching between 2 controls for 1 joint

Was wondering if its possible to switch between 2 controls for 1 marker?
For example a foot is controlled by an ankle joint from a human rig, but also by a control that is not part of the rig.

This is more of a Maya question, but what you can do is have 3 controls.

  1. ankle_ctl
  2. other_ctl
  3. result_ctl

Where result_ctl is constrained by both ankle_ctl and other_ctl, which gives you a Blend Parent attribute you can use to choose which result_ctl should follow. Then you can assign a Marker to final_ctl, and retarget the simulation onto either ankle_ctl or other_ctl or both.

Not what i had in mind.
You probably mean like this:

This is done with massfx 3ds max and those “controls” are gravity fields turned on and off through keys. You can see how the marker is moving to the center of each control and will follow them. Thats what i am aiming for.

Aha, yes, try the Pin Constraint.

You can parent or constrain those to your controls, such that the Marker indirectly follows the control.

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Perfect, wasnt aware you could do multiple pins on controls. :+1:

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