Swing Physics test

I wanted to try the realism of the physics of Ragdoll.
The first thing that popped into my head was a sausage on a swing.

You can see the swing building momentum, so I’m pleased with the result, but it would probably have to go on for another 1000 frames and with much better animation to actually get the doggie swinging like nobody’s business.

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Because obviously. xD Haha, nice work. :slight_smile:


This is so cool.
How do you setup swing rig? Is it possible to build rope rig which can interact with character’s hand?



Hi @Hyc!

I can’t speak for @pooter, but you can achieve that setup by selecting each link in order and running Create Dynamic Control. And yes, if you also make the hand dynamic, it’ll interact with the chain too. :slight_smile:

Have you gotten an invite to the Early Access? If not, ping me and I’ll set you up so you can take it for a swing. xD

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the tip.
I haven’t gotten an invite to Early Access. I’m testing the Ragdoll dynamics and tried to use it for game production.
It’s not official yet though. I reported to the Animation director and T.A. I need to show more proven examples to the company.
We’re looking for a ragdoll simulation tool like Weightshift or ragdoll dynamics.

Talk soon,


Here’s another version of the above, you can see how it’s all one long joint chain, including the seat.

The two blue capsules at the top are the “Passive” menu item. Selecting a rigid, and clicking “Passive” will generate a passive transform for the selected rigid, which appear blue in the viewport. That then becomes the passive animation used in the simulation.

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Cool. How did you attach the seat? Is it just a normal Maya constrain?

The seat is just another joint, that I changed the shape type to from Capsule to Box. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you could use two separate chains, with a separate box for the seat, and then use the Ragdoll | Point Constraint to attach both ends. The pivot would end up in the middle, so you would also need to move it, using Ragdoll | Rigging | Edit Constraint Frames

Cool, I’ll try to make it.

Here, I put together a little 3-step tutorial on this. :slight_smile:

Step 1 - Setup

Step 2 - Constraints

Step 3 - Animate

Hope it helps!

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