SteamPunk robot with axe

Trying to figure out how to use ragdoll for cloth simulation, before i was using spring magic, overlapper and overlappy. Publish progress here

Oh this is great, would it be possible to share your experience? I’ve found those distance constraint to sometimes blow up the simulation unless I increase the number of Substeps. How are you finding the gaps inbetween each chain of Markers, does the elbow and feet sometimes stick through?

I’ll be sharing my experience with this, along with some examples, over in the cloth thread once I’m back in the UK next week. But in a nutshell, this is still an area of active exploration, so anything you encounter and share will help in finding a good general workflow for cloth with Ragdoll.

I was play with it few days, but i need to work already than i use my old toolset and waiting this super duper licenses for freelancers like myself so i can publish my work and tell this is ragdoll dynamics) The things i was found out, when hand bounciness is 0.001 and cape bounciness is 0, when they touch each other the cape going up like crazy and i used distance constraint so it go crazy really bad, i was used gravity parameter as -10000 and air density as 20, still too bouncy.
Most nice result that i can make after some cleanup work in cascadeur is second video