Squid From Jason // tetacles

I picked the file that @Jason shared with us and dug a bit into it.
here is what I did after dissecting the file to understand and learn from it.

1- Set Initial pose to transition from “Start pose” into Walking
2- Played a bit with the tangents “just made the Y down accelerated to hit harder”
3- Changed the End Marker to Box, then to Capsule to see the differences.
4- Played with the Gravity value and added a Field “uniform” in wich I animate the “Y” value to add ups and down (This way I could control also the distance of COG with the ground)
5- Animated the Envelope of the deformers to giva variation to those tentacles.

this just gave me a new idea to play into new “Toy/project”

Stay tune!

Thanks Jason !


Look at em go! glad you picked up some new ideas :slight_smile: