I haven’t done one of these in a while!

What is the best way to test an epic new release …

Spidermonkey time!

The new Influence setting on the attach constraint is perfect for pulling the hand to a location on the vine/tree that the monkey will be swinging from and at point of contact they effect each other

Here’s a quick 10 min test to see how I’d do the actual piece …

The only thing really animated here are the Attach Constraints stiffness I made sure the Damping was high at around 2 so the hands feel more controlled (not shaky)

I don’t have a rig (just joints) as soon as I finished the model/ texture/groom/ I had to see it move - here’s a quick low res butt scratching thing.

The plan is to have 2 or more monkeys in a tree, all the monkey movement will effect the tree and thus effect the monkeys motion,

More to come !


I have a tree! base mesh sculpted in vr with quill and some Paint FX… yes Paint FX…

More to come!

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PaintFX is truly ahead of its time, deserves more attention than it gets. Completely unique. Looking forward to seeing more, that monkey looks absolutely hilarious. :sweat_smile:

Attach Constraints with 1 influence pulls the hands towards the branch markers.

I can keep the animation really rough and the grab points remain based on the animation position.

I’m using attach constraints over Pose Stiffness to keep the arms strong .

More to come!


Had to see it Recorded down …

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Very cool. Have you got any thoughts on how to manage fingers and grasping? That’s the main standout at the moment I think.

It’s going to look cool :slight_smile: -Right now the curling of the hands isn’t animated/posed, they just open , also the rate at which I’m engaging the attach constraint needs to be over more frames to not get that fast magnetic pull that’s happening on one or two grabs,

Still working on the timings , next step is to loosen things up a bit and animate the stiffness’s when arms are engaging


I like how his legs are twitching as he rubs his butt. A sentence I never once in my life expected to write. :blush: Almost missed that the tail was latching onto the branch behind him. Could be more visible I think, it’s a cool detail.

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Tightening things up. still too long a shot.
I’m going to make it loop… the internet loves a good loop …

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Rendering !

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There’s something about how the tail reaches for the branch that makes it look as though the tail is pulling on him (which I presume it is!). Maybe it would be worth trying to get a turn going via his arms before “activating” the tail?

He also looks rather heavy, especially in that first part of falling onto the branch. I wonder if this is due to muscles being too relaxed? It’s as if he was unconscious when falling onto the branch, with a hook on his tail.

The scratching of his butt is cool, almost wish he would sniff it afterwards. :blush:

Haha 100% :))))

This is so cool!

Time for some sound fx !


He smelt it! :blush:

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Hahha))))) Well done!

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master !..

It looks fun !!!

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