Coming soon : )


Now I’m hungry!

get ready for a great efficient way to eat Pasta : )

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Nice one. :slight_smile:

There’s some slight dancing once the spaghetti comes to rest in the bowl. I suspect you need more iterations and/or substeps on the solver.

And I think what you mean is Distance Constraint, rather than Weld Constraint, as the latter cannot be animated (yet).

Yes your right… Ha… okay… fixing and rexporting the video ! : (

Cheers Marcus : )

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Haha! That’s great. :blush: Can you share what the markers look like for this?

What’s happening with the squashy pasta as he stabs it with the fork? Looks like it’s a static mesh with squash and stretch on it. Would have been cool if it was simulated too!

Aw you caught me Marcus… I cheated : )

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I did each piece one at a time. Baked it out the keyed the visibility once he bit off the piece.

The main plate of spaghetti was made using a ragdoll sim, but the intereaction is keyframed with a deformer.

I admit it I’m a complete fraud : )

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But honest ! : )

Haha, just kidding. It’s genius, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Im finding thats becoming a way I like to work. Getting one little bit working, baking it out. Then moving onto the next bit. As opposed to everything just interacting.

Doesnt everyone eat spaghetti like this?

Do not mention that to an italian colleague

You don’t want to know how I eat pizza…

hahahahaha. I know someone who used to eat 2 on top of each other like a sandwich. Wouldnt you rather just enjoy two seperate pizzas ?