Sometimes the initial rotation limit is outside the idle pose

Hey Marcus, since you said it’s better that I give an appropriate title to each problem I encounter, I’ll start a new topic for each one. But there are quite a few so, I hope you don’t me taking up the whole forums :P. I’m not trying to spam, but I really came across many problems, and have many questions, or suggestions.

So, the first one of the day, remember that my ragdolls kept twitching when I entered Live Mode? You said the most likely reason is that the character is in a pose that’s outside the rotation limit of the ragdoll, and I kept checking that the character is at its rest pose, with all of its bones at 0 degrees.

Well, today I noticed something else when I was making a new ragdoll. Somehow, sometimes the initial rotation limit is outside the idle pose of the character, like this.

When I play the simulation or enter Live Mode, it immediately snaps the marker to where the rotation limit starts.

In order to fix this, I have to press the Reset button in the Limit Mode. It’s not a huge problem, just something to look out for if anyone is facing the same problem as I was with the character keep snapping out of place. I wasn’t paying attention to the location of the rotation limit, only the range of it, which is why I missed it.

This is fine. :sweat_smile: Just bear in mind we (mostly I) only have a limited time budget for support, so use the time wisely.

I need a series of steps to reproduce this. For example:

  1. Draw 3 bones representing a leg
  2. Assign and Connect to each bone in order
  3. Enable limits
  4. BOOM

Hm, I can’t replicate it reliably. But there was a couple of times right after I added rotation limits to the markers, the character started twitching violently. Maybe not so much a bug to fix, but more as a thing to look out for if anyone is setting up markers for a character.

Try only posting issues you are able to reproduce.