Sneaking In

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to explore Ragdoll in my free time. Couldn’t even decide what I should experiment with first, since it has endless possibilities. But here’s something I have been wanting to try and had seen in one of the demo videos. It’s still WIP and mostly improvisation. Crab is missing, trying to make it fit in this world.

Only the neck and fingers have animation, and hands are tied to the steering using Pin constraints.

In my opinion, apart from doing heavy physics-dynamics, Ragdoll acts really good as a companion for subtle animation work, letting the artist focus on the acting nuances.

Welcome to the forums @mrpotter (love your username) :partying_face:

Have a look here for some tips and tricks for this type of scenario.

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Thanks a lot @marcus! :grin:
Here’s some further experiment.

I still need to get my head around the parameters, all this is mostly just random tinkering. I wish to start from scratch in an organized way, as the documentation and forum builds further. But I just love how non-destructive the system is.


Wuuw this looks amazing! And you got the crab in, a stealthy one at that! :sweat_smile:

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Dammnnnn out of nowhere! This is great! And I couldn’t agree more! Ragdoll let’s you focus on the important story/ acting beats and fills in the time consuming gaps .
Also welcome to the forums !

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@marcus @Jason
Haha! Thanks a lot!!
I was aiming for a crab army to sneak in. :joy:

This is fun!!