Slow when not simulating

when i add more and more parts, the slower the project runs when not simulating, is it running the sim always? is there a way to pause it?


Can you be more specific please? How can we reproduce?

I wish i could be off more help in reproduction, I am not sure if this is even normal or not.

basically when i have the solver enabled, my frames drop and everything in the scene lags - rotation, camera control - everything. i turn it back off everything is fine

sigh why do i have 2 users lol

I’m not sure what you expect; Ragdoll uses your GPU and CPU when rendering into the viewport and playing back your scene, that’s how it does it’s thing. If it isn’t doing it’s thing, it won’t take up any CPU or GPU resources.

Without seeing what you see it’s hard to know whether what you see is normal.

Hi Marcus,

I feel I haven’t properly described the issue if I am coming off as someone who doesn’t expect a performance hit when simulating - Ill preface by saying that is not the case at all.

I cant share a video of the problem on a public forum due to NDAs on the asset but I will attempt to explain.
I get an extremely smooth experience when I start maya. 100 fps+. I can simulate, rotate, scrub - everything is flawless. From what I can see, the issue seems to stem from drawing the Ragdoll manipulator.

As I can simulate, bake, scrub, rotate and basically use maya with zero performance hit (rtx 4090 gpu)

It is only when I access the manipulator that the issues start. Then when not simulating, the issues stay.

The only way to stop the slow down is to manually disable the solver - so I am assuming its doing “something”

Live Mode on ragdoll is not enabled. And this is performance hit happens whether playing back the timeline or not.


Does this only happen with NDA assets? Or would it be possible to demonstrate with a box or torus or a set of joints?

Hey Marcus,

I did more testing - it seems to have been linked to using DX11 rendering engine.

I switched to OpenGL core compatibility and it hasnt happened since