Simulation Break or blow up mesh with ragdoll

This is one of the 10000000 possibilities to create a nice and easy breaking animation using a ragdoll. You can break or blow up any mesh you like, play with gravity, and you can do this on Earth, on the Moon, in water, in space, or even in hell

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Thanks for sharing and great use of “Shatter”. I don’t have this option in my Maya (2024, Windows), unclear where it went! :sob:

I noticed some separation of the shapes during the first few frames, which I suspect is because the shattered geometry is not entirely convex. They seem to have some curvature to them. To remedy this, you can slice the meshes a few more times to capture some of that curvature.

Yes, thank you, I didn’t see this at first time, I will use slice,
SharedScreenshot 2
In the previous mesh, I used mesh decomposition with the setting set to “automatic.” I was animating a character who has hair that needs to interact with the head. Adjusting the “shape vertex limit” slider for the head proved effective, but in most cases, mesh decomposition in automatic mode works quite well.

Ah yes, indeed. This is a good usecase for Mesh Decomposition.