Heres a blocking. Something most unfortunate is about to happen to the guy on the right around frame 240.

Heres a little test of the second rider flipping. I used some geo objects to control how the motor cycle flipped in the air. As though it was a real air ram shooting him into the air.

Theres some animation on the rider to add some arms flailing. The motorcycle landing on the rider was an accident : )

This is what we in the biz call a “happy accident”. :blush: Nice work, looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Yeah absolutely. It just happened, and I thought ooooh… Im keeping that : )

Seemed a bit crueler

Heres an early test for the motion on the main character.


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In all of its glory. :clap: Saw this on LinkedIn as well. Great work. :partying_face:

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this felt like quite a big one for me : )

Last few anim tests I feel like Ive been coming up with ideas to demostrate the tools. Putting the cart before the horse. This was the other way around : )

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