Sharp and quick motion // feedback

On the process of testing and animating, sometimes I came across with the issue that when I do sharp moves. Like 2 and 3 frames changes in space, the markers have a bit of trouble following…

What’s the attr or best way to make it more accurate and follow the keys? I have used attach CNC and even weld .

For example.
I did the tentacles moving from the end tip. For that marker I used Kimematic . Using attach CNC set up to 50 even 100 . I noticed that the end marker that is attach to the kinematic one, had hard time following when the move is fast.

Thanks !

With a Damping = 0 and Air Density = 0 and a Stiffness = 100 or above, the simulation should follow with 1 frame delay. That 1 frame is where you are telling the simulation to go, and the simulation can never be ahead or in the same position as that 1 frame.

Beyond that, things that keep your simulation from reaching the animation is momentum and contacts. Things simply cannot accelerate infinitely. You can get close, by increasing Stiffness and letting it spend more time simulating - via Substeps and Iterations.

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Did you get anywhere with this @Andrei_da_02? Would it be possible to show your results? :slight_smile:

Hey Marcus. I am off on vacations, won’t be able to test it until Next month !

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