Sharknado: a tragic backstory

Hello, I made an animation!


Love it! :heart_eyes: Especially like the little dance at the end.


Hi Emi, thats so cool. Can you share how you animate with Ragdoll?

Are you doing it with keyframe and physics in realtime?

I tried doing it and I always have to go back to the first frame to see the timing and how everything works together. Thank you

Hello Vvern

I think so, are you referring to interactive mode? If so, yes, but not all the time.
I was also scrolling back to the first frame some times, but I could mostly pick up the cache from a few frames before the frame I was working on.
I’ll go through my process so you can see. Hope this helps.

I may have compressed this too much, let me know if you’d like me to reupload:)


Holy smokes, that’s a really cool workflow! Thanks for sharing! The interactive playback part looks really cool. :smiley:

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Whaaa realy nice :smiley:

Wowie thanks! Interactive was the most fun!

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That’s pretty frekken cool!! Great breakdown! @marcus wonder if we need a ‘bake to pin’ for editing/ preserving a part of the sim you’re liking


Yes, this is on my list for the next release. You’ll be able to somehow get the drag you do in Live Mode exported into a Pin Constraint. Either as you drag, or afterwards like an export of the timeline.

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This is GOLD… pure GOLD…
Great stuff !!! thanks for sharing and keep rocking !

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3 eternities later…
Decided to render this one:) :space_invader: :space_invader:

Thanks for the awesome tool!


Awesome. :blush: How did you… texture the shark?! Those meshes are triangle soups without UVs, I think? :thinking:

I vertex painted them in unreal, I re-uv’d the shapes but that didn’t take too long. Maybe I’ll upload a bit more of the work behind this

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