Shady's Crab

Hi everyone
I can’t say this is my entry :smiley: but it’s just a try

Yes! Haha, that’s hilarious. Have you considered making the weights dynamic too? If you manage to grab it with an open claw, you can use a Distance Constraint to keep them glued together.

the weights are manually animated and constrained the pins to it .
I’ve opened the claws and it looks better now :+1:

Now the weights are dynamic after the hit


Hahahaha! is that him spitting on his Claws? nice detail

Hey @Shady_Sobhy, I noticed you’ve got exactly 4 seconds of animation. Are you using the Trial or Personal edition by any chance? Don’t forget that you can use the free Ragdoll Unlimited licence for the competition. :blush:

Hey Marcus,
Yes, I am using the trial version thanks for this offer it would really help
I’d like to spend more time with this awesome tool.
I hope I find time to keep testing
Thank you again, Marcus and Jason