Setting up skirt Collider of body

Hi, I am trying to making collider from body.
Any right process to set up? Like I need to build each leg as one collider or I can make a proxy of lower body like nCloth collider?
Thanks a lot.

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Ragdoll colliders cannot deform, so your best bet is to assign Marker to the joints of the legs and set them to Animated.

Most of the time, capsules are sufficient and let you tune the contacts independently from the deformed mesh. Other times, you can use Replace Mesh to collide against a chopped up version of your deforming geometry.

Hi, a question. How to create a unified “assign” result like your sample skirt simluation

the default is capsule like, it can change to box but not proper size.
Any method I can achieve?

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There is no one-click assign; that example is likely one series of joints assigned via Assign and Connect with shapes tuned afterwards and distance constrained to keep them together.

Hi, I already set up. One question, because sometimes the collider may conflict with the proxy, causing jitter of joint behavior.

Any method I can filter this kind of problem? Thanks.